Doggy Day Care
- An Enrichment Center
1780 A Fremont Blvd Seaside, CA 93955
Includes FREE Daily Field Trip
We take an innovative holistic approach to pet care using our education in canine behaviors.
We practice positive reinforcement techniques to keep your dog comfortable at all times.
We provide each dog with individual attention, interaction and structured exercise.  
Doggy Day Care is a positive, fun and calm place. The dogs are the top priority.
Our Facility is Kennel-Free.
No dog will ever be left unattended.
Doggy Day Care New Client Packet

For your dog to receive the most benefit from our specialized enrichment program we require all dogs to attend on a weekly basis.
Pick Up & Drop Off Service Available for Monday - Friday.
We will pick up your dog between 8am-10am and will drop them off between
We require a Assessment for all dogs as safety is of the utmost concern.
Assessments are FREE and by appointment only.  

What happens in my dog's assessment?  
For the safety of everyone at daycare, it is important that all dogs interact positively together. For this reason, we require that all dogs pass an assessment.  First, we
will sit down and discuss your dogs' history (previous owners, socialization, interactions with other dogs, etc.). Then your dog will be introduced to other friendly dogs,
one at a time. We will monitor your dogs' body language and reactions during these interactions. If all goes well, you will be able to schedule your dog for daycare.  
All dogs must have up-to-date on Rabies & Distemper/Parvo vaccines.  Dogs over 8 months must be spayed or neutered. Assessments are valid for

Doggy Day Care Rates
Includes FREE Daily Field Trip

$34 Full Day (Arrive by 930am)

Doggy Day Care With Pick Up & Drop Off

$45 Full Day

Discounted Subscriptions
Includes FREE Daily Field Trip

Weekly Subscriptions-

1 Day per Week  $32  Save $2
2 Days per Week  $62  Save $6
3 Days per Week  $90  Save $12
4 Days per Week  $116  Save $20
5 Days per Week  $140  Save $30

Save More with Monthly Subscriptions!

2 Days per Week  $245  Save $27
3 Days per Week  $355  Save $53
4 Days per Week  $460  Save $84

Discounted Subscriptions
Pick Up &/or Drop Off
Includes FREE Daily Field Trip

Weekly Subscriptions-

1 Day per Week  $
45  Save $2
2 Days per Week  $
88  Save $6
3 Days per Week  $
129  Save $12
4 Days per Week  $
168  Save $20
5 Days per Week  $
205  Save $30

Save More with Monthly Subscriptions!

2 Days per Week  $
350  Save $26
3 Days per Week  $
512  Save $52
4 Days per Week  $
667  Save $85
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Doggy Day Care
1780 A Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955

Monday- Friday 7a-7p

Our Mailing Address is :
7960 B Soquel Dr #188
Aptos, CA 95003

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Free Assessment for
Doggy Day Care!
We Are Not Just a Daycare, We Offer Enrichment for Your Precious Pup!

If dogs are always learning, why have them learning unwanted habits throughout the day?

At Doggy Daycare, we work with and train each dog individually who walks through the doors of our enrichment center.  Things as simple as patience while waiting at
entry/exit ways, being flexible in play styles between dogs of different sizes, as well as obedience and trick commands; our goal is for each dog to learn or reinforce a
positive and welcomed behavior each and every day they spend with us!

We are not the average Doggy Daycare, but rather the one that your pup has dreamt of! Our enrichment center is different from other
daycares for two reasons:

1.  Our center is set up entirely with the dogs in mind!  When a dog comes in contact with our play and napping areas as well as the staff, the homey and comfortable feel
assists in healing any anxieties or fears your pup may have when being introduced to a new place. This allows for relaxed play, exploration, training, and true R&R in the

2.  Your pup is always rewarded for beneficial behaviors or diverted from unwanted behaviors through positive methods, which assists in their focusing and recall abilities
and encourages active engagement and participation in the various activities throughout the day.
Learning is Constantly Occurring in Different Forms.

-Even though practicing to hop into a tire may not seem like a worthwhile activity to a human, to a dog there is profound opportunity in this simple action!

-Simple actions such as these teaches dogs to gauge their environment, working their minds and bodies in a different way compared to one on one play with their
companions and toys on an unobstructed surface.  

-Instead of a single minded action of following a command such as, “sit,” for a treat, they are actively engaging with their environment and unraveling a puzzle and the
best mode of action to obtain an incentive, treats!

Our dogs are taught with opportunity and choices rather than with force and restrictions.

-The gate is open wide, but will there be a positive incentive for waiting politely before charging through the barrier?

-You may be playing with another pup when called, but if you come, will you get an incentive?

-By offering the opportunity to make better choices on a consistent basis, followed by positively reinforcing those good decisions, the odds of your pup making those good
decisions increases greatly while the poor choices fade into the background, because they are no longer enforced. This encourages your pup to be a problem solver and
more thoughtful when they are faced with opportunities and choices!

We are and Enrichment Center Because…

-One of our main goals is to help your dog find his/her passion; from brain games, interactive play with the staff or their doggy friends, or long walks on the dog friendly
local beaches and trails, we want your pup to be excited about and invested in the activities they participate in every day that they are with us!

-We would love to chat with you more about all that we offer here at Doggy Daycare - An Enrichment Center! We would love to schedule a temperament assessment for
your dog to begin enrollment in our program!
We Now Offer UNLIMITED Monthly Passes!!
Unlimited Monthly Pass

Benefits of a Monthly Pass:

Our Biggest & Best Discount!

40.00 PER MONTH for Full Day & UP TO $160.00 PER MONTH for Full Day with Transport!

-Unlimited Day Care (Includes our Monthly Saturdays)
-Guaranteed Daily Reservation
-No Reservations Required (drop off by 930am)
-10% OFF All other services Including Sleep Away Camp

Unlimited Monthly Pass for Full Day $540.00

Unlimited Monthly Pass for Full Day with Transport $780.00

Small print-

-Your card on file will be billed automatically every 30days

-No "roll over" days